The Ghost of Ochs Chapter 23 is live!

Chapter 23 is up!

Remember that “secret thing” Bernadetta was working on for Linhardt earlier? Now she gets to give it to him for a birthday present. The “Bernie-bear” reference was too easy to make, so I went for it.

I had a discussion with a longtime friend on Discord (who’s a much bigger Fire Emblem enthusiast than I am) regarding who would be the second-best at fishing at the Officers Academy, and we agreed it would be Leonie. She wound up winning this friendly competition between her, Monica, Linhardt, Byleth, Jeralt, and (appearing for the first time in this story) Alois.

Next up, a special classroom meeting, and then maybe a battle or two. Stay tuned!

Mirrors for this chapter can be found at the usual spots:

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