The Ghost turns 1!

On January 12, 2020, I uploaded the first chapter of The Ghost of Ochs to Archive of Our Own and As I explained in my intro post, I wanted to write a story about one of Fire Emblem: Three Houses‘ more mysterious and/or little-spoken-of characters in Monica von Ochs (the real one, not the person pretending to be her; see that post for more details). In the year since the release of that chapter and the publication of today’s chapter, it’s picked up a pretty decent following. Here are some statistics I pulled at around 12:00 PM today:

Archive of Our Own: 3881 total hits (all chapters)?, 77 comments, 97 Kudos, 12 bookmarks (public; the private “Statistics” page shows me 16 instead of 12) 11565 total hits (all chapters), 54 favorites, 66 alerts, and only 2 reviews (what calls comments)

Not bad, if I do say so myself.

I didn’t really have anything special or earth-shattering for this milestone, because then I’d feel compelled to post a special chapter or side story every year. Still, let’s just enjoy this moment for what it is and hope that I can still provide enough quality content to make it to two years…even if I have to be prodded into doing so by outside forces.

As always, here are the links to the latest chapter:

Update (1/13/2021): As of 4:30 PM today, The Ghost of Ochs has officially crossed the 100 kudos threshold on Archive of Our Own! On second thought, maybe I will do something special for hitting this mark.

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