Ghost Chapter 27 is now live!

It’s way too tempting for me to make a “Year of the Ochs” joke considering that this weekend marks the start of the Lunar New Year festivities. That said, my publishing of Chapter 27 of Ghost couldn’t have been timed more perfectly, since I’m also on a three-day weekend for Presidents’ Day.

(Minor game spoilers below.)

Remire Village just seems to get the rawest of deals in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. First, there’s the tutorial mission where Kostas’ bandit gang attacks Byleth and the three lords in the middle of the night. Several months later, the village turns against itself as “those who slither in the dark” play their hand and force the villagers to kill each other.

(End of spoilers.)

That’s pretty much the same scenario we’re about to find ourselves in with the coming chapters of the story (and around the same month in this timeline, too). Will the Black Eagles’ attempt at a preemptive defensive maneuver save this village from yet another catastrophe? Let’s hope so…those guys need a break in a major way.

Mirrors for this chapter:

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