Ghost Chapter 28 is now live!

Before I started writing chapter 28, I wondered what happens to those who commit crimes against the Church of Seiros who don’t immediately get executed like the few leftover Western Church priests did after the Rite of Rebirth. I figured that some of them get shipped off to some prison somewhere and aren’t seen again for a while. As ruthless as the archbishop is against evildoers, Rhea knows she can’t kill everyone connected to the Western Church without receiving significant blowback.

Hapi (who makes her first in-person appearance in this chapter) was unfortunate enough to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and wound up getting arrested for it, and was placed in the same facility as a few surviving Western Church members. The “who” and “why” (and maybe also “when”) will be explored in the next chapter.

Until then, you can read Chapter 28: Housing Station for Wayward Souls on this site or at the usual mirrors:

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