Ghost Chapter 29 is live!

So, a couple of things to talk about for Chapter 29 of The Ghost of Ochs

  1. Count Varley, who is mentioned in the game but doesn’t make a physical appearance, is the major reason why Bernadetta is…well, “Bernie-bear”. To make a long story short, everything he does that involves his daughter is guaranteed to produce the exact opposite result of what he ultimately wants in life (i.e. more money, prestige, etc.). In this story, I didn’t feel like it made sense for him to be a complete dick to everyone, so I sent Edelgard and Ferdinand his way as they were the only two people I could think of whom he could pretend to talk to as equals (Edelgard because she’s the princess and he’s trying to buy himself some extra time until she takes the crown and drops the hammer on him for that ugly business with her father years ago, and Ferdinand because Old Man Varley and Old Man Aegir are implied to be pals).
  2. I gave Ferdinand’s horse a name (Isaac, ostensibly based on one of his ancestors) because I’d already given Ingrid’s pegasus a name, and most Three Houses players should have an idea about Marianne’s horse Dorte. Sylvain’s steed probably has a name, too, but I haven’t thought of it yet. Knowing him, he’ll probably name it after some girl he met in town.

Next chapter, we’re off to Remire! Until then, check the usual hotspots for this chapter:

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