Ghost Chapter 30 is live!

While the AO3 and versions of this story will register this as Chapter 31 (because I don’t include Monica’s little nightmare interlude in the chapter numbering), “Lying in Wait” is actually Chapter 30.

Now that I’ve reached the 100,000-word milestone on this fic, I also went and did something that I’d meant to do since the beginning – improve the story summaries on AO3 and, because I didn’t feel that they adequately described the contents of the story as Monica started meeting new friends and classmates beyond Flayn and the Church of Seiros. Anyone who’s signed up for email alerts on either version will see the story summary with every update. The AO3 version is now a word-for-word copy of the description on the front page, while the version reads as follows:

“After spending half a year of her life in captivity, the young Adrestian noble Monica von Ochs finds herself back at Garreg Mach Monastery where she is given the opportunity to prepare herself for life beyond the Officers Academy, and the unfamiliar dangers that come with it.”

I’m not sure that the new summary is qualitively “better” than the old one, but I feel that it’s more accurate.

Now, on to the links!

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