Ghost Chapter 34 is live!

In Chapter 34, Monica hasn’t fully forgotten about the bandit woman who attacked her during her first month back at the academy. Even though she hasn’t heard anything from Raine since then, she makes a point to try to dig into her background to figure out what she was doing in Imperial territory in the first place.

Later on, Edelgard receives a letter from Bernadetta’s father that surprises both of them.

And now, for some links:

A couple of things before I go:

  1. It looks like I’ve dialed back my updates to a once-per-month schedule. Next month, I’m going to take another swing at NaNoWriMo, so there won’t be a chapter update in November. The next expected chapter updates should arrive in December and/or January.
  2. I’ve added Wattpad to the list of websites where this story can be found. To give Wattpad account readers some time to catch up, I’ll post each chapter from the beginning once a week (Saturdays) until that version is up-to-date with the other versions.

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