Ghost Chapter 35 is live!

Fresh off my non-winning NaNoWriMo break, I went ahead and posted Chapter 35 of The Ghost of Ochs just in time for Christmas. This chapter isn’t Christmas-themed (the actual Christmas analogue in Three Houses appears to be the White Heron Cup and the subsequent Garreg Mach ball, which will probably be covered in a later chapter), but it does feature Byleth making good on a promise to Hapi to take steps to help her break the curse that causes her to summon monsters instead of animals.

January 12, 2022 will be the second anniversary of the day I first published this story (not on here, but on Archive of Our Own and, and I have a thematically appropriate chapter planned for that day. No points for guessing what that is.

The Wattpad version of the story is only up to Chapter 9 as I continue to add chapters weekly until it reaches parity with the other versions. For the links to the other mirrors, you can read any of them below:

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