Ghost Chapter 36 is now live!

The magic word for Chapter 36 of The Ghost of Ochs is “Birthday”. Monica turns nineteen years old (after worrying that she wouldn’t survive beyond her eighteenth birthday), which means she gets a handful of gifts from her friends and family! In related news, Monica’s mother (who isn’t mentioned in the game; maybe she died in the war against Brigid) even gets to meet Constance, which, for all of you Chris Rock fans out there, is a minor indicator that things might be getting a little more serious.

The thing is, I wanted to post this chapter on the story’s second anniversary (January 12), but I realized I had to rewrite most of the first third of it because it talked more about the Garreg Mach ball, which is another month down the line. The bad news is that Raphael, Ashe, and Sylvain were part of it and they don’t appear in this chapter after the rewrite, but I decided to keep Leonie, who was also in the original version of that part of the chapter. Even though Leonie doesn’t get to meet Baron Ochs again, she and Monica have a short chat a few days before his arrival.

The new chapter can be found on Archive of Our Own,, and DeviantArt, while the Wattpad version is now up to Chapter 14.

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