Ghost Chapter 42 is up!

It’s been too long since I last updated The Ghost of Ochs – almost four months, in fact – so what better way to break out of my Three Hopes-coupled-with-writer’s-block-induced hiatus with a new chapter? This was another one of those instances when I debated whether or not to continue the chapter from its published ending, but I think the upcoming encounter would be better served with a dedicated chapter of its own, which I hope to have ready for the fic’s third anniversary on January 12, 2023.

I also went back to correct an embarrassing repeated typo – I’d been spelling “Faerghus” wrong all this time (as “Faehrgus”), and nobody caught it. I’m ashamed of myself because I usually try to keep my spelling, grammar, and punctuation as close to “on point” as I can whenever I write. In some name-related edits, Count Varley’s name has been changed from “Jonah” to “Grégoire”, and Hapi’s nickname for Monica is now “Momo” instead of “Nicki” because I think it sounds better (and it goes nicely with “Coco”, Hapi’s in-game nickname for Constance).

Anyway, links:

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