Ghost Chapter 39 is up!

A lot later than I was hoping, but it’s up. Getting Chapter 39 out on my now-usual monthly schedule didn’t go as planned for two reasons: I ran into that old enemy of enemies: writer’s block. I’d planned on fitting Lorenz and Lysithea into the story for a while, but I couldn’t figure out whatContinue reading “Ghost Chapter 39 is up!”

Ghost Chapter 38 is live!

As I wrote this month’s new chapter, I scoured to find out who in the Black Eagles would be the most enthusiastic about the White Heron Cup. Dorothea (most likely to win), Ferdinand, and Caspar (least likely) were the only three who out-and-out beg the player to choose them, while Edelgard is on theContinue reading “Ghost Chapter 38 is live!”

Anything but “by the numbers”

This entry has also been posted on my Dreamwidth blog, and can be viewed at It also contains some spoilers for both Fire Emblem: Three Houses and The Ghost of Ochs, so please proceed carefully. Going over the statistics for The Ghost of Ochs on (I really wish Archive of Our Own went into chapter-by-chapterContinue reading “Anything but “by the numbers””

Ghost Chapter 37 + thoughts on the upcoming FE spinoff

(The following post contains spoilers for Fire Emblem: Three Houses.) Tonight’s new chapter of The Ghost of Ochs, Warming Glow, concerns Byleth investigating that weird artifact in the garden that was mentioned back in Chapters 5 and 18. In the game, it’s where you’d scan amiibos to gain rewards (and bonus music from past FireContinue reading “Ghost Chapter 37 + thoughts on the upcoming FE spinoff”

Ghost Chapter 35 is live!

Fresh off my non-winning NaNoWriMo break, I went ahead and posted Chapter 35 of The Ghost of Ochs just in time for Christmas. This chapter isn’t Christmas-themed (the actual Christmas analogue in Three Houses appears to be the White Heron Cup and the subsequent Garreg Mach ball, which will probably be covered in a laterContinue reading “Ghost Chapter 35 is live!”

A Christmas fic exchange

This year, my Fire Emblem-loving friend Lynn and I decided on writing fanfics for each other in lieu of holiday presents this year. Her contribution was So, Let’s Be Heroes!, an idea I had where Cynthia from Fire Emblem: Awakening takes on Sophie and Percy from Fire Emblem Fates as her squires. In exchange, sheContinue reading “A Christmas fic exchange”

Ghost Chapter 33 is live!

We’re starting off Chapter 33 on a somewhat low-key note, as all of the students are returning to the monastery after going on adventures. I wanted to put the scene in with Byleth talking to the house leaders to show that she was curious about what the other houses were doing while she, Edelgard, andContinue reading “Ghost Chapter 33 is live!”

Ghost Chapter 32 is live!

With the release of Chapter 32 of The Ghost of Ochs, our second story arc is complete. Monica and company have fended off an attack on Remire Village, with one of the perpetrators being her arch-enemy, Kronya. The defense mission was a success, but not without cost – many villagers are dead, and Kronya andContinue reading “Ghost Chapter 32 is live!”

Ghost Chapter 31 is live!

Two months? It’s really been two months between the publication of Chapter 30 and Chapter 31? I really am slipping! I guess it was bound to happen sooner or later, especially with this chapter where I was trying to juggle a couple of different viewpoints at once (the first wave of the invasion, then Edelgard’sContinue reading “Ghost Chapter 31 is live!”

Ghost Chapter 30 is live!

While the AO3 and versions of this story will register this as Chapter 31 (because I don’t include Monica’s little nightmare interlude in the chapter numbering), “Lying in Wait” is actually Chapter 30. Now that I’ve reached the 100,000-word milestone on this fic, I also went and did something that I’d meant to doContinue reading “Ghost Chapter 30 is live!”