Ghost Interlude 3 is up!

Today’s addition is a short interlude in the aftermath of the battle against the Death Knight. This is probably where the third story arc, “Deep Dive”, is going to end. Monica’s learned some new information on the bandit woman who was involved in her kidnapping, and Byleth learned what lies underneath Garreg Mach, as wellContinue reading “Ghost Interlude 3 is up!”

Ghost Chapter 42 is up!

It’s been too long since I last updated The Ghost of Ochs – almost four months, in fact – so what better way to break out of my Three Hopes-coupled-with-writer’s-block-induced hiatus with a new chapter? This was another one of those instances when I debated whether or not to continue the chapter from its publishedContinue reading “Ghost Chapter 42 is up!”

Ghost Chapter 41 is up!

We’re now on Chapter 41 of The Ghost of Ochs! I didn’t mean for this one to come out two months after Chapter 40, but when Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes comes calling, I’m compelled to answer. Not much more to say today, except go read it! WordPress (this blog) Archive of Our Own FanFiction.netContinue reading “Ghost Chapter 41 is up!”

Ghost Chapter 40 is up + Three Hopes demo thoughts

(The following post contains spoilers for Fire Emblem: Three Houses and the first few chapters of Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes.) About two-and-a-half years ago, I started writing The Ghost of Ochs with the intent of giving Monica, an NPC from Fire Emblem: Three Houses, her own backstory and personality, expecting the sparse information aboutContinue reading “Ghost Chapter 40 is up + Three Hopes demo thoughts”

Ghost Chapter 39 is up!

A lot later than I was hoping, but it’s up. Getting Chapter 39 out on my now-usual monthly schedule didn’t go as planned for two reasons: I ran into that old enemy of enemies: writer’s block. I’d planned on fitting Lorenz and Lysithea into the story for a while, but I couldn’t figure out whatContinue reading “Ghost Chapter 39 is up!”

Ghost Chapter 38 is live!

As I wrote this month’s new chapter, I scoured to find out who in the Black Eagles would be the most enthusiastic about the White Heron Cup. Dorothea (most likely to win), Ferdinand, and Caspar (least likely) were the only three who out-and-out beg the player to choose them, while Edelgard is on theContinue reading “Ghost Chapter 38 is live!”

Ghost Chapter 37 + thoughts on the upcoming FE spinoff

(The following post contains spoilers for Fire Emblem: Three Houses.) Tonight’s new chapter of The Ghost of Ochs, Warming Glow, concerns Byleth investigating that weird artifact in the garden that was mentioned back in Chapters 5 and 18. In the game, it’s where you’d scan amiibos to gain rewards (and bonus music from past FireContinue reading “Ghost Chapter 37 + thoughts on the upcoming FE spinoff”

Ghost Chapter 36 is now live!

The magic word for Chapter 36 of The Ghost of Ochs is “Birthday”. Monica turns nineteen years old (after worrying that she wouldn’t survive beyond her eighteenth birthday), which means she gets a handful of gifts from her friends and family! In related news, Monica’s mother (who isn’t mentioned in the game; maybe she diedContinue reading “Ghost Chapter 36 is now live!”

Ghost Chapter 35 is live!

Fresh off my non-winning NaNoWriMo break, I went ahead and posted Chapter 35 of The Ghost of Ochs just in time for Christmas. This chapter isn’t Christmas-themed (the actual Christmas analogue in Three Houses appears to be the White Heron Cup and the subsequent Garreg Mach ball, which will probably be covered in a laterContinue reading “Ghost Chapter 35 is live!”

Ghost Chapter 34 is live!

In Chapter 34, Monica hasn’t fully forgotten about the bandit woman who attacked her during her first month back at the academy. Even though she hasn’t heard anything from Raine since then, she makes a point to try to dig into her background to figure out what she was doing in Imperial territory in theContinue reading “Ghost Chapter 34 is live!”