The Ghost of Ochs

The Ghost of Ochs cover art
Cover art by Luky-Yuki

She wasn’t supposed to be here. It’s a good thing she came back.

The Ghost of Ochs is a Fire Emblem: Three Houses story centered around Monica, a minor character from the game.

Several months after her sudden disappearance from the Officers Academy at Garreg Mach, Monica, heir to House Ochs of the Adrestian Empire, is discovered when the Knights of Seiros set out to rescue Flayn from the mysterious Death Knight. After taking some time to recover and reconnect with the outside world, Monica is given a chance to complete her education with the help of her new classmates in the Black Eagles, figure out why she was kidnapped, and grow strong enough to protect others from harm.

The first chapter was posted on January 12, 2020. It is currently ongoing, with new chapters added monthly. News about chapter and other story updates will be posted on my Twitter feed. This story can also be read on Archive of Our Own,, DeviantArt, and Wattpad, and more in-depth information can be found at TV Tropes.

The author recommends this story for teen and older audiences for violence and references to torture.

Table of Contents

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