The Ghost of Ochs Chapter 22 is live!

We’re now up to Chapter 22 in my Fire Emblem: Three Houses story. So far, it’s the only one I’ve written where Monica doesn’t have any direct involvement in the proceedings. Her (and Linhardt and Bernadetta’s) portion of the investigation into “who or what attacked Garreg Mach” took place in Chapter 20, and I had to pivot over to Edelgard’s team (which also includes Dorothea and Hubert) in Chapter 21. That only left Ferdinand, Caspar, and Petra for Chapter 22. At first, I wondered if I should have made this a bit longer, perhaps by making them fight the mysterious robed men, but then I felt it wouldn’t have made sense for them to randomly attack these strangers when they had more important things to worry about. Will we find out who these robed strangers are and why they traveled to the monastery?

Mirrors for this chapter can also be found at:

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